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Better than other sealing methods: edge welded metal bellows seals

Traditional sealing methods are often not suitable for demanding environments, where unrivaled performance is critical to achieve an elevated level of durability, reliability, and overall leakage prevention. Mewasa will supply you with the necessary edge welded metal bellows seals, enabling you to take advantage of their superior properties in many environments.

Why are edge welded metal bellows seals better?

In general, edge welded metal bellows seals offer a high level of reliability, which translates into a long service life. Since the entire construction is welded, leakage paths are eliminated during the very first steps of the manufacturing process. Every seal you receive from Mewasa is therefore secure and durable. Speaking of leakage prevention: the inherent flexibility of the bellows compensates for typical, potentially hazardous events, such as thermal expansion, constant vibration, or even misalignments. This also has the advantage of minimizing wear on the faces of the seals, allowing for bellows with very high durability, thus significantly reducing the probability and requiring repairs.

Improve your operating range with our edge welded metal bellows seals

The high degree of durability and stress resistance enables our edge welded metal bellows seals to operate in a very wide range of environmental conditions. This includes very high and very low temperatures, differential pressures, rotational speeds, and other properties. Our seals can be used in a wide array of industries and can satisfy even the needs of very demanding environments. Additionally, these seals are highly resistant against external contamination caused by, for example, fluids, dust, dirt, and other particles. The bellows act like a barrier which prevents intrusion of particles, while the seals guarantee that no leakage can occur.

Using our edge welded metal bellows seals

You may implement our welded metal bellows seals in many different industries, systems, and applications. They are often used in compressors and pumps, where they provide sealing you can rely on – from rotary compressors to centrifugal pumps. The seals can also be used in agitators, mixers, high and ultra-high vacuum systems, as well as various process sub-assemblies’ environments. In general, we manufacture all bellows seals is according to your design specifications as well as per your specific engineered solution. We collaborate with you closely to ensure the highest degree of quality as well as compatibility with your current systems and related sub-assemblies, enabling you to act more flexibly and satisfy your needs.

Optimal performance with our welded metal bellows seals

Proper selection of materials and scheduled preventative maintenance are essential to guarantee longevity and peak performance. Since all sub-assemblies are susceptible to stress and wear, we also offer repairs for all variants of edge welded metal bellows seals and other sub-assemblies. We will also advise you on how to perform maintenance on our sub-assemblies and how installation can proceed in the most efficient manner. Leak free seals are essential to your daily operation. Do not hesitate to contact us now. We will gladly offer our solution-based consulting services for the correct seal for you.


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