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Sourcing UHV technology from reliable suppliers

Professionals working in the field of manufacturing know very well that some parts needed can be sourced from any supplier as their structure and quality will always be the same, regardless of origin. Those professionals, however, are even more keenly aware that there are also elements that require very diligent sourcing and a thorough supplier quality check. One of the fields where this applies is UHV technology. The functionality of every single part used for these purposes is consequential for the entire technology to work. Reliable suppliers are therefore essential for a product’s market performance.

UHV technology precision-made in Switzerland

In the field of precision manufacturing, Switzerland enjoys a splendid reputation around the globe. Swiss-made products are in high demand in many areas. Using a remarkably well schooled workforce in combination with advanced technology and proven manufacturing methods, products made in Switzerland often have an edge over competitors’ offerings. As far as the rather new UHV technology is concerned, that same principle is applied at Mewasa AG, a well-known manufacturer of edge welded bellows and related products including vacuum components. Mewasa AG has worked as a supplier for various sensitive industries for many years.

UHV technology finds increasingly more areas of application

One of the premier usage fields for UHV technology is the area of research and development. Vacuum technology is necessary to construct machines such as particle accelerators, spectroscopes or specialized microscopes. However, these areas of application are not only located in science and academics. Rather, they play important roles for all matters where surface analysis is required. This includes many industrial processes, in particular in the development of new materials, structures and applications. Further, vacuum technology is conducive to easier and more precise results in several partial areas of surface treatment.

UHV technology tailored to your specific needs

The wide range of possible applications serves as an illustration for an important point. There are no identical usage fields as well as the components and setup needed can vary from one company to the next and sometimes even from one work floor to the other within one enterprise. For this reason, Mewasa AG offers UHV technology parts that have been tailor-made exactly for your requirements. Based on your individual specifications, the experts at Mewasa AG will diligently construct precisely the components you require for the processes you need to cover in your company.

A whole range of solutions in UHV technology

As a leading supplier in UHV technology, Mewasa AG makes sure to provide its customers with all components needed as a one-stop sourcing solution. The product range of the company includes edge welded bellows, manipulators, accumulators, pillow seals and more. All of these components have been developed and manufactured by the company. In collaboration with renowned partners, Mewasa can also construct UHV chambers based on your specifications. Moreover, the company is also available to process assembly tasks for multifaceted units as well as repairs and refurbishments for components of all kinds.


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