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Why you should not sleep on bellows repair

Creating and controlling airflow within mechanical systems is difficult but made much easier with correct bellows. Like all mechanical structures, however, they can fracture. Mewasa will manage all bellows repair requests you might have without exception, allowing your systems to operate at peak efficiency without any issues.

How does bellows repair work?

We have accumulated vast amounts of expertise and knowledge around bellows of any kind – including how to repair them efficiently and at a reasonable cost. Damaged bellows may develop leaks in their material that could influence airflow, and other types of damage, which could compromise their functionality. To prevent this, Mewasa offers bellows repair services, which are tailored to your specific needs. The first step, we assess the damage and its extent: are there any tears, leaks, cracks, or other signs of degradation caused by mechanical stress? The severity of the damage determines the exact type of repairs performed and guides the subsequent repair process.

Bellows repair systematically.

By cleaning the bellows thoroughly before we start repairing them, we increase the chances of performing this task to your satisfaction. The cleaning process removes debris as well as visible and invisible contaminants that might influence the repair process or even prohibit it entirely. Should the extent of the damage be minimal, we have the ability to simply patch any flaws, such as tiny tears or even punctures.

Extensive bellows repair by Mewasa

Some damage is more impactful than other types of damage. The severity of the damage determines the exact type of repairs performed and guides the subsequent repair process. Should welding be necessary, we will perform this task to your satisfaction as well. We will then use this added material to weld the two sections, which guarantees operations can continue as if the part was brand-new. As this process is much cheaper than buying completely new bellows, your company can save on operational costs while avoiding unnecessary waste.

Bellows repair for your needs

Bellows are sensitive components and sub-assemblies. After each repair process, we will therefore test the component to ensure it can fulfill its function to your satisfaction. We inspect it for leaks, assess the range of motion and flexibility, its strength under pressure, and verify that it can perform to the standard you expect. By supplying us with the intended application of the bellows, we can evaluate it thoroughly before sending it back to you. If necessary, we will strengthen the part during the bellows repair process to ensure that all performance targets are met.


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