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Discover our range of ultra-high vacuum components

MEWASA AG is a Swiss-based company with over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of ultra-high vacuum components. We produce a range of products such as seals, flanges, manipulators and UHV chambers that are essential to dozens of industrial sectors. Each product is the result of a combination of our expertise and famous Swiss precision and is made using the latest CNC technology. You can expect quality, performance and longevity across our entire range of ultra-high vacuum components. And, if we don't stock quite what you're looking for, we'll help you to find a custom-made solution that fits your needs.

What is an ultra-high vacuum component?

Ultra-high vacuum components are essential to many industries. Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) is the term used to describe a vacuum that is characterised by very low pressures of around 7-10 pascals. To create ideal UHV conditions, gas has to be pumped out of a UHV chamber. This enables free molecular flow of the gasses and gas molecules collide with the chamber walls and with each other. To make this possible, you'll need the very best in ultra-high vacuum components. That's where we come in. Our reputation for quality and efficiency has made us the first choice of customers all over the world who rely on us for outstanding UHV products and fast delivery.

Where are ultra-high vacuum components used?

MEWASA ultra-high components are often used in research or industrial settings. Typical uses may include vacuum tubes, composite plastic moulding, flight instruments, and medical applications. Equipment built with ultra-high vacuum components is employed in the lifting, rotating, holding, and moving of all kinds of parts and materials in manufacturing and industrial settings. We excel in the creation of ultra-high vacuum components for the research industry. For example, our specially developed pillow seals have gaps and air grooves that evacuate air and increase the pressure force. Our pillow seals are available from DN50 to Dn500 and high customer satisfaction means that we're still expanding our range. In scientific research, ultra-high vacuum components such as our UHV chambers or seals are used to achieve UHV conditions in areas such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, auger electron spectroscopy and low energy ion scattering.

Take a closer look at ultra-high vacuum components

MEWASA AG manufactures a comprehensive range of ultra-high vacuum components to fit all your needs. As well as our premium quality pillow seals and UHV chambers, you'll find vital parts like edge welded bellows and manipulators at www.mewasa.ch. These essential pieces will help you to maintain the UHV conditions that you demand, whether you're in the industrial, medical, manufacturing or scientific sector.

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