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Few sub-assemblies are as essential to the functionality of different mechanical systems as edge welded diaphragm bellows. They allow easy and reliable separation of two mediums, while pressure and force can be transmitted seamlessly between the two sections. It is therefore essential to invest in high-quality, flexible bellows of this type to ensure a strong barrier between mediums.

Choose edge welded diaphragm bellows by Mewasa for optimal performance

To ensure best in class performance, we manufacture our diaphragm bellows using thin, flexible materials. Specifically thin sheets of metal. This allows us to create bellows, which are extremely resistant to adverse effects such as corrosion, temperature, or high and low pressure. Using these bellows enables you to isolate and therefore protect components and other sensitive instruments. The transmission of force and pressure, however, will flow freely. An exceptionally reliable physical barrier of this sort is often crucial to ensure performance targets of your bellows are met and operations within your company can continue without incident of failure.

Edge Welded Diaphragm bellows for all industries

Few industries today could operate without diaphragm bellows to rely on. We manufacture such bellows. Separating mediums from sensitive sensors or other instruments empowers our customers to maintain the necessary functional requirements within their mechanically designed systems. Our products also prevent cross-contamination, which is a great health benefit for all types of industries. These bellows are also used in fuel systems, pressure control units, and similar applications. Are you working in automotive, gas exploration, or aerospace? We can help you out with the right bellows for your systems.

Robust diaphragm bellows maintain stability.

Mewasa creates all diaphragm bellows with the assumption that they must withstand extremely harsh conditions. Hazardous environments must not influence the daily operation of these bellows in any way – which is why we use high quality, durable materials during the entire manufacturing process. After assembly, all bellows sub-assemblies are tested to identify any cracks, leaks, tears, or other malfunctions that could influence the part’s performance. If you need repairs, we will also gladly take your existing bellows and perform the necessary repairs to your satisfaction, enabling your company to keep operating without costly delays.

Edge Welded Diaphragm bellows suiting your needs

We can design diaphragm bellows in diverse sizes and shapes. This allows us to create specific, tailor-made bellows, which are suitable to your specific application – empowering you to perform the needed task much more effectively. If you supply us with the necessary specifications, we can create bellows that withstand high pressures, destructive chemical environments, or large temperature differentials. We will also offer the best solution material for this type of application, which ensures longevity and optimal performance combined. Should you have any questions around this process, please do not hesitate to contact us concerning best-in-class bellows now.


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