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Orbital welding specialists

Swiss company MEWASA AG can tell you all about orbital welding. It's one of the most important stages in bellows manufacture, a field that the company specialises in. Our bellows are the first choice of customers who demand reliability, cost-effectiveness and efficiency. We have our own in-house manufacturing shop which is equipped with the type of equipment required for processes such as orbital welding. Our commitment to quality is apparent over our entire range and each of our welded products will exceed your expectations.

What is orbital welding?

Orbital welding is a specialised manufacturing process that is used for high-quality, repeatable welding. Unlike general welding, the arc is continuously rotated through 360° around a static object. It’s a mechanical process that requires minimum operator input. In fact, it was developed to combat operator error in gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) although it was invented by Rodrick Rohrberg of North American Aviation to combat hydraulic and fuel leaks. A combination of Swiss precision workmanship and the latest state-of-the-art technology ensures that processes such as orbital welding result in a finished product that is cost-effective, practical and reliable.

Orbital welding, an important stage in bellows manufacture

Our products are made to the highest standards from premium materials. Our extensive range of bellows can be used in all industrial settings. Orbital welding is used to form a seal between the bellows and the flanges. Because, it's a repeatable process, you can replace the bellows without having to replace the entire unit. Our flanges are built to last and you'll find bellows in a wide range of sizes and materials at www.mewasa.ch. Should you require a custom-designed solution, our R&D department and design team can help you to create a viable solution. We'll work with you from the initial consultation to orbital welding and the final stages of production.

Why does orbital welding make a difference?

We are committed to quality, efficiency and reliability across our entire product range. Our bellows are made to exact specifications and orbital welding offers a strong airtight seal between the bellows itself and the flanges. This strong seal easily withstands the frequent expansion and contraction of all types of edge welded bellows. Bellows are used in numerous industries thanks to their high degree of flexibility. Those made using the orbital welding process have three main fields of application: as vibration isolators, as feedthrough mechanisms and as expansion joints. Unlike flexible bellows which have thin walls and are partly bead welded, orbital welding allows for almost unlimited bellows length and lower spring force.

Orbital welding, the best choice for industries across the globe

There are many advantages to choosing MEWASA bellows with orbital welding. Our bellows require little in the way of operational skills or maintenance. They're a cost effective and reliable solution in a diverse range of industrial sectors and our many satisfied clients are testament to their quality and efficiency. Take a closer look at www.mewasa.ch or contact us directly for more detailed advice.


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